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How does Finally Fast PC speed up computer performance?

FinallyFast PC uncovers Registry Errors and Invalid Files that could be lurking behind-the-scenes on your computer. These registry errors often go unnoticed because they do not appear on the screen, but they do slow your computer’s performance. PC Speedscan Pro will fix these errors and speed up computer performance. Turning your slow PC into a fast PC! Just think of Finally Fast PC as your slow computer fix!

Download our simple PC Performance scan you can find out how many registry errors and invalid files it found that may be corrupting your PC.

What PC SpeedScan Pro can do for you...

  • Provides descriptions and exact locations of all errors!
  • Instantly eliminates all detected PC errors!
  • Helps return your PC to its original high performance!
  • Reduces and even eliminates freezing and crashing.
  • Extremely safe and easy to use!
  • Works with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008, Server 2008.
  • Perfect for beginners or experts! is an internet property of Ascentive Software.

For the last 10 years, Ascentive has been developing easy-to-use software for consumers and businesses that focus on solving everyday PC problems. Backed by top-notch customer support and service, we are so confident that you will love our software that we offer a thirty day money back guarantee—no strings attached.

Our products and services are used by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses, with registered customers in 200 countries.

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PC SpeedScan Pro

Why Choose PC Speedscan
Many computers can accumulate errors when you least expect it. These errors are hidden behind the scenes and can cause computers to slow down and even crash.

With just one click PC Speedscan does a deep scan to search for 1000's of hidden error and invalid files. You can easily find out how many error files are on your PC by running a FREE scan today.

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Cleaning your computer on a regular basis can improve your computer performance.

“I could never figure out why my computer was running so slowly.
PC SpeedScan found and removed my computer errors and now my computer runs like brand new.”

P. Milligan

PC SpeedScan Pro can:

  • Stabilize your PC
    Eliminate all the errors found on your Windows computer.
  • Speed up your System
    Optimize your Windows registry and eliminates sources of system slow-downs.
  • Increase your PC Performance
    Erase errors and invalid files to free-up valuable system resources.
  • Prevent errors from Building Up
    Scheduled Windows registry scans find PC errors automatically.
  • Extremely easy-to-use
    Ascentive's Easy Install™ and simple interface make it easy to improve your PC.

“I had 56 registry errors (81 errors in all). Thank you so much for your software. My computer is running smoothly again. I am so grateful!”

Marilyn Adams

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The free download of Ascentive’s Registry Cleaner, Anti-Malware Software, and other trial products are intended to find issues, errors, threats, junk, and clutter that can be removed by single or multiple Ascentive products after paid activation. The free scans do not require payment and are set to run automatically every 7 days for your convenience. Uninstall is easy and can be done at any time using “Add/Remove Programs” on any Windows machine. Your results may vary. Speed improvements are dependent on what is actually limiting a particular computer and may require more than one product category or remedy for ultimate success.